The Woman Lawyer's Rainmaking Game drills down on the gender issues that make it difficult for women to take control of their marketing efforts but which, if utilized, make women particularly effective. In addition to providing practical steps for building your business, (this) books underscores the importance of being straight-forward and confident in your paporach to building those trust relationships which endure and prosper.

-Margaret T. Brenner, Partner,
This book gives practice advice that you can actually implement. The authors break down the process into small, baby steps, so you are never afraid to get started. And they provide a variety of recommendations to suit a variety of personalities. Buy the book and start taking the baby steps to successful rainmaking.
-Denise DeFranco, Senior Partner
Ms. Coulter and Ms. MacDonagh have created a user-friendly book with a list of highlights for each chapter, specific tools at each step of the process, and concrete examples to clarify points. Through this step-by-step approach and the many insider tips and examples, the authors have created a road map to successful business development that both inspires and instructs.
-Shelly Canter, PhD, ABA Women Rainmakers
Having been in a large firm and as a solo pratitioner, I find the Women Lawyer's Rainmaking Game to provide helpful content for building a practice regardless of size of firm. It's a "field guide" for moving relationships from the stage of contacts to clients. I highly recommend it.
-Cheryl Cronin, Esq.